Svetlana Leveton

Counselor for TaiTerra; Wife of Oleg Leveton


CON 10
INT 11
WIS 12
CHA 15


Councelor for TaiTerra


Svetlana moved south with her husband Oleg and founded a trading post on the edge of the Stolen Lands. She kept the post tidy, managed inventory, and cooked copious quantities of her legendary stew for hungry travelers and traders alike.

She often is able to voice Oleg’s thoughts and concerns better than he can, and her calm words and amicable demeanor made her popular with patrons.

After the founding of TaiTerra, Svetlana agreed to become the nacent kingdom’s councilor; she and Oleg moved to Persopolis temporarily until TaiTerra expanded north. She and her husband now serve the kingdom from their old home, now known as Ye Ol’ Trading Post.

Svetlana Leveton

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